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Dental Symptoms

Dentist in OregonEven though you may see a dentist on a regular basis, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t be wary of any dental related symptoms that may indicate the need to seek a dentist as soon as possible. By being aware of the various dental symptoms that indicate something may be wrong, you can minimize the impact that the underlying problem will have on your gum line, teeth and overall health as well. From Natural Smiles, here are 4 serious dental symptoms that you shouldn’t dismiss as being a minor nuisance.

1) Receding Gums

Arguably the number one dental problem that many people face is gum disease. A very common symptom of gum disease that shouldn’t be ignored is receding gums. If left unchecked, the gum can recede so far back that it can lead to tooth loss and an inflammation of the gum line.

2) Increased Sensitivity

One of the symptoms that many people make the costly mistake of is ignoring the fact that they feel an increased level of sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures whenever they are eating or drinking. In most cases the increased level of sensitivity may be due to the decay of the enamel or protective layer that covers the tooth. Once the enamel begins to corrode, it leaves the nerves and blood vessels at the center of the tooth, more susceptible to the effects of hot and cold substances. Once the enamel begins to decay, it’s important to know that you will never be able to grow it back, so it’s highly recommend that you seek a dentist to stop the decay dead in its track.

3) Unusual Changes In The Mouth

One of the most overlooked symptoms are changes of the texture and color of the mouth pertaining to other areas within it, besides the gum line. Whenever you clean your teeth, check your cheeks, tongues and the roof of your mouth, to ensure that there aren’t any changes of color such as red and white patches that seem as if they are getting bigger or lumps that weren’t there before.

4) White Spots

Tooth decay is usually caused by an infection that was aggravated by a buildup of bacteria. These bacteria have a natural tendency to produce acid that can have a bleaching effect on the teeth which in turn causes a variety of white spots. But usually whenever white spots occur on a tooth though, this is an indication that the decay is in its early stages. This means that by checking up with your local dentist about your concerns pertaining to a variety of white spots as soon as possible, the dentist may able to stop the infection before it develops into a cavity.

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